March 28, 2022

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs | Miss L

If you need encouragement to take action and book a boudoir photography session in Colorado Springs, then Miss L’s story is the inspiration you need! Miss L is the mom of two young boys and works as an oncology nurse. She describes herself as introverted, quiet, and fiercely independent. Miss L wanted to do something for herself and to have photos of her body to look back on, so she booked a boudoir session!

Miss L was going for a Boss Babe look, so we found lingerie pieces to help her nail it. She left her boudoir session feeling happy and relaxed because she was so proud she took action and actually did a boudoir session! What she didn’t know is that her body would go through massive changes shortly after. 

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs

A few weeks after her session Miss L was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She ended up having a double mastectomy, and going through chemotherapy and radiation. She’s currently in the healing process. Miss L’s session means even more to her now after her session than before.

I’m so inspired by Miss L’s confidence and strength, even more than I was before!  Despite everything Miss L has been through since, she’s so happy she booked a boudoir session and would love to do one again in the future. 

In her own words, Miss L said, “My body looks a little different now, and I am getting used to this new body (and hair!). I am SO glad that I happened to do this photo shoot before my cancer diagnosis. I really treasure my album because it’s photos of my “real” body before everything happened. I would love to do it again!” 

Business Boudoir Session

Here’s more of what Miss L had to say about her boudoir experience: 

What initially got you interested in doing a boudoir session?

“It was something I’ve wanted to do since my 20’s, but I had a lot of excuses back then not to do it (like money, insecurities, etc). I had been going through a rough time in my marriage, and wanted to do something to cheer myself up.  So I went ahead and scheduled my session.  By the time I had my photo shoot, we had already separated. The photo shoot ended up being great timing for my new self love journey!”

What would you tell someone who is self conscious or nervous about booking a boudoir session?

“I felt the same for many years. I grew up in a household where being thin and pretty was a big part of how you should be as a woman. It took many years for me to feel comfortable in my own skin, and I’m still working on that. When I booked my appointment, I realized I wanted to do something special for myself. I wanted to be able to look back on these photos decades from now and be proud of how I embraced my body and did something to capture that. I love how the photos came out, but I love even more that I had the guts to do it, and have these amazing photos to prove it.

Long Sleeve Boudoir Session

How was your experience during the boudoir session? Tell us all the things!

“The whole experience was so fun! I loved getting pampered with hair and make-up (thanks to Kim Clay Artistry). Melissa really makes you feel comfortable. The guided posing was essential for me to feel less nervous and feel like I was going to have the outcome that we wanted. “

“It was also really helpful for Melissa to help me pick out my outfits. I would have never considered a couple of the outfits, but I love how they turned out. I was going for a “boss babe” look/feel, since I was really needing that in my life at that moment. During the shoot I felt empowered, and I think you can see that in the photos. “

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs

How did your photos turn out? 

“The images are FANTASTIC! It was really fun to go back and look at the images with Melissa. It’s shocking to see yourself in a way you have never seen before. I am so impressed by how good the images came out, and the quality of the album. The album is beautiful and classy. I’ve joked with Melissa that I want to carry my album with me wherever I go!”

What would you say about the value of the investment you made?

The photos are PRICELESS. Especially because of all that happened afterwards. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

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Boudoir Photography Colorado SpringsBoudoir Session Colorado Springs

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Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs

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