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Melissa Brielle Boudoir is a full service and luxury boudoir studio located in Colorado Springs, serving clients all over Colorado and nationwide. All you need to do is show up, and I promise you will blow yourself away with the end result. We provide the full experience including professional hair and makeup,  guidance with lingerie styling, one of a kind Melissa Brielle Studio, client closet access, and luxury, quality products handmade from our trusted print labs.

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Boudoir isn't about vanity, it isn't even about sex. It is one of the most beautiful art forms and you ,yes you, literally make art with your body. Having this Colorado Springs boudoir experience creates a shockwave of confidence and feeling of worthiness. Self love is a journey, and boudoir isn't the destination, but it is a HUGE step onto that path. 
You don't need any reason to do this except for yourself. This is an entire luxury experience that every woman deserves to indulge in at least once in their lifetime (often times more! It's addicting.). A lot of my clients come see me when they are in a transition in their life- they just got divorced, just had a baby, recovering from an eating disorder, getting married, a milestone birthday, left an abusive relationship, are in a place of learning to self love... some do it for tits and giggles and that is just as ok of a reason too!
Boudoir is so much more than photos. It’s about who you are in your raw self. It's about being and seeing every "imperfection" and not care. It's about everything you've ever been told you're supposed to be, and giving it the middle finger. It's about loving yourself in a world that is telling you not to. 

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We will chat on the phone about what you are looking for, answer all your burning questions, go over the process, and if you're ready to move forward we will pick a shoot date and set up a payment plan leading up to it!

I will be sending you my detailed guide on 1) what kind of lingerie styles you may want 2) where to get those specific styles 3) a full list of my favorite brands 4) lingerie inspiration to start dreaming up your session that will reflect EXACTLY what you want AND MORE!

When you arrive at the studio, one of our top professional hair and makeup cosmetologists will be ready for you. Most of our clients prefer a natural look, and some want to go all out glamorous! Whatever look you are going for, our artists will make sure you feel like a total babe. Shoots are Mon-Thurs.

Just kidding! Well, kinda... not really. We shoot at your comfort level and if by the end of our shoot you want to play around wrapped up in the sheets or go full on birthday suit that is totally up to you! We will be shooting for 1.5  hours and usually about 2 outfits (plus nudes if you wish). I will pose you literally from your facial expression down to your toes. My entire portfolio is made of real people and not models, just like you.

After your shoot we will break for lunch and do a same day ordering appointment! We will meet back at the studio, where I will have a slideshow ready of your top 75ish images.  I have already gone through and selected just the best of the best, so be ready for each photo to be a complete knockout! After you've recovered from being blown away, we will talk about what you want to do with your images, look at some samples, and make your image selection and you will most likely want to upgrade your collection! Your hand crafted, luxurious albums take 2-6 weeks to get into your hands. All images going home with you are fully retouched with blemish removal and skin *softening* (I say soften, because I keep things very natural looking and not overdone or texture 100% removed).

Most women choose to have their artwork preserved in an album. When you come for your reveal and ordering appointment, we will talk about your priorities, what you plan to do with your images, and your preferred budget. I will help you with your selection, so you go home with exactly what you want and within whatever amount you'd like to invest. Most our albums come with a mobile view, so you can show off your photos where ever you are! For my ladies who are saying "fuck it, I'm only doing this once so give me everything".... I have packages with LITERALLY all of the things and you don't have to ever say no to any of your photos!

Albums • Prints • Wall Art 

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Miss D

 Not only did we laugh the entire time, but we made some incredible images. If you are having doubts about doing a shoot, please do yourself a favor and DO IT!!

Miss P

" If you haven’t booked your boudoir photo shoot yet, DO IT, right now! I was so nervous, but Melissa made me feel so comfortable and at ease the entire time. From having Megan come in to do my hair and make-up, to Melissa’s patience with my non flexible body, it was a great experience that I can’t wait to share with my love for our 30 year anniversary ❤️"

Miss E

I cannot say enough good things about Melissa and my session. I have never felt more comfortable than I did today! I’ve done boudoir before, and it never compared to this experience. She tells you exactly what to do, helps you with every detail, and ensures you’re as comfortable as possible. It was SO fun! I didn’t feel rushed or uncomfortable at any point. I was slightly hesitant about doing this again, but I’m beyond glad I did.

Miss M

 I had my session with Melissa today.... and, if I'm being honest, I was terrified going in there. I wasn't even done getting my hair and makeup done before every fear I had was gone. I've never felt so relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. 

Miss B

I really want to thank you, Melissa, for showing me a side of myself that I forgot I had: a sexy woman! I cannot wait to surprise my husband with these pictures and bring that extra spark back in our relationship. 

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