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You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are more than enough.

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"I feel like being a woman sometimes we forget how truly intricate and layered we are. I have always been gentle on how I treat and take care of my body, but it is so easy to judge and critique what could be fixed or altered. Which are most likely driven by the never ending, unrealistic societal views constantly hammering us down. For once, I felt worthy and loved in my own skin, because I finally saw "me" through the lens (unedited and all). When I saw photos of having no clothes to hide behind, I allowed myself to accept the pain, the trauma and the grief that existed in me I truly felt beautiful and seen. "

Miss K

"I have never felt more comfortable or beautiful in my life than I did in my session with Melissa. She and Megan (the incredible cosmetologist) welcomed me into the studio with open arms and I felt like I was hanging out with two of my lifelong friends. Melissa not only made me feel gorgeous, but we also had SO much fun and joked and laughed the entire way through the shoot. I never felt even remotely uncomfortable, and I had never worn lingerie like this in my life! It was so easy, playful, and one of the best feelings in the world. "

Miss L

She truly touched my heart with her kindness, flexibility and motivation in a very vulnerable situation. Melissa and her photography helped me find my inner beauty, and I feel on top of the world after all of this. If this is something you are even remotely interested in - DO IT!

Miss A

 Best experience of my life. Personally, emotionally and definitely one that I'll never forget. Such a personal challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Miss A

I've taken my fair share of photos and have worked with some incredible photographers. Melissa is SO talented. Her fine art skills and attention to detail are rare. She's a joy to work with and the entire process, from booking to post was professional and thorough. Cannot recommend her enough, she's a true master at her art!

Miss L






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