More Than Scars  is a non-profit project by Melissa Brielle Boudoir that benefits breast cancer survivors who have had full or partial mastectomies.

More than scars project

You got cancer. You went through the treatments. You lost your hair, your body, your breasts, your energy. But then your survived. And while your hair grew back and your gained the weight back on there is one thing that never can come back. 
Your breasts were *literally* taken from you.
The things you felt defined you as a woman and controlled your sexuality. 

This project is donated time and talent by Melissa to give the one thing you can get back after losing your breast(s):
 Your self confidence.

what this project does

These photoshoots are to help breast cancer survivors who have had mastectomies find their confidence again at no cost.

Click here to Apply

There are very limited and select dates that get announced once or twice a year that you can sign up for to receive a free photoshoot. 

To Apply for More Than Scars click the link below to fill out the form. If you qualify you will be added to an email list that sends out a notification of upcoming marathon dates.

How it works

Next shoot date is TBD

Located in South Colorado Springs 

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