Couples by Melissa Brielle Boudoir is a handcrafted design of Melissa herself, and is changing the industry and everything you think you know about  couples boudoir session. 

"To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy" -Unknown

The Couples experience is for partners who appreciate fine art, have an undeniable connection, are confident in their relationships, and passionate beyond all measure. 


the re-invention of couples boudoir


by Melissa Brielle

Couples work differently than my regular single sessions. So if you've done a shoot with me or inquired about a solo shoot in the past, this is a package of it's own!

I took off couples sessions from by service offerings for years. Why? Because for me, boudoir isn't about sex. And with couples boudoir... that's the only thing it was about. Most think of couples boudoir as "honey im home from work" style, playing and taking off sexy lingerie, bent over for him....almost borderline pornography. Im not about that, and thats not why I do what I do. 
I am about art and connection. And I am bringing Couples back with a fire in my heart!So forget your sexy lingerie at home.
This work is raw, messy, out of focus, candid, and real.

Refined • Candid • Emotional

what to expect


 This comprehensive package includes natural hair and makeup services, champagne and snacks, 1 hour shoot time for 2-3 outfits, your choice of 40 images to be printed in a beautiful 8x12 luxury fashion album and matching display box.

Album upgrade, USB's and wall art available for add on a la carte

1) We will start with natural hair and makeup while your partner enjoys champagne and snacks with you

2) The photoshoot will last 1 hour

3) ALL photos will be in a fine art, film-inspired, black and white finish. No skin retouching except for minor facial blemishes (this all about being natural!)

4) Reveal appointment will be same-day, and you and your person will come back to select your top images for your fine art album and gallery artwork.

5) You go home with all your images on a High Resolution USB while we wait for your one-of a kind, luxury  artwork gets produced over the next few weeks at my trusted labs!

the process

$499 session fee+
$3499 photo album collection 

payment plans

melissa brielle boudoir offers 3 payments plans

We offer 3 types of payment plans. Payment plans can be WONDERFUL for people who want to invest in their adventure in self love, but the pricing seems a little too far out of reach to do all at once. We understand that taking small bites can be more reasonable than eating the whole elephant at once; so we offer three different types of payment plans, let's make this amazing shoot possible for you!


A pre-shoot payment plan allows you to set an intended budget for your shoot. We can discuss packages, and I can show you samples so you can determine how much you think you may spend on your shoot. We can plan, in advance, what kind of costs you're looking at, then break the overall cost into monthly payments. If you don't end up using your entire budgeted amount, because you didn't need as many pictures as you thought--no problem! I'll refund you the difference! Start planning next years Valentine's Day present, or this year's Christmas gift and give yourself the opportunity for self love and empowerment without the lump expenditure! This method is AWESOME, as well, because it allows you the instant gratification of receiving your products in a normal time frame (all products must be paid for in full before they are ordered).


If you have a PayPal account, good news! We take PayPal credit! This allows you to set up monthly payments, but gives you the same instant gratification of receiving your products without delay as paying in full, or through a pre-shoot payment plan. Because PayPal does the financing, I'm paid upfront--allowing me to edit and order your photos the moment it's put in place!


This option allows you buy your package after your shoot, but break up the payments into monthly payments that makes sense for your budget! 50% of the product cost is due at the time of order, and products are not ordered until your package is paid for in full. Remaining balance is set up on a 3 month or 6 month
payment plan.

Miss P

" If you haven’t booked your boudoir photo shoot yet, DO IT, right now! I was so nervous, but Melissa made me feel so comfortable and at ease the entire time. From having Megan come in to do my hair and make-up, to Melissa’s patience with my non flexible body, it was a great experience that I can’t wait to share with my love for our 30 year anniversary ❤️"

Miss E

I cannot say enough good things about Melissa and my session. I have never felt more comfortable than I did today! I’ve done boudoir before, and it never compared to this experience. She tells you exactly what to do, helps you with every detail, and ensures you’re as comfortable as possible. It was SO fun! I didn’t feel rushed or uncomfortable at any point. I was slightly hesitant about doing this again, but I’m beyond glad I did.

Miss M

 I had my session with Melissa today.... and, if I'm being honest, I was terrified going in there. I wasn't even done getting my hair and makeup done before every fear I had was gone. I've never felt so relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. 

Miss B

I really want to thank you, Melissa, for showing me a side of myself that I forgot I had: a sexy woman! I cannot wait to surprise my husband with these pictures and bring that extra spark back in our relationship. 

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