November 27, 2019

Real Women | Denver Boudoir Photography Sessions are for Every Woman

” I don’t look like the women on your website”

I hear this more than anything else when talking about Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography. Which, is super crazy to me because… you are the women on my website…

I’d like to give you some perspective. Here it is, you ready? You are comparing your “worst” to someone else’s “best”.

The photos I take for women, shows them the parts they don’t see when they look in the mirror.  No more tearing herself apart, not even worrying about her blemishes or her size. She loves how she looks so much she wants to share it to the world, and that’s huge because, she felt the same way you did before walking through my doors.

Some of my amazing clients have volunteered to give you that perspective. Go ahead and take  a look at these beautiful women and their art.






























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  1. Kasey says:

    Im thinking about getting a photo done for my man 😊. We will be travelling so something he could keep in his suitcase (size wise).

    All I own are sports bras and little cotton ones, nothing sexy.