July 2, 2019

Miss E | Denver Boudoir Photographers


Ohhhhh where to even start with Miss E’s shoot!? Let’s all thank her for allowing her images to be shared because her shoot was the BOMB.COM. Miss E’s Colorado Boudoir Photography session is a perfect example of what happens if you put your full trust in me. Miss E was nervous, and didnt know what to wear. She wanted to look hot as hell but leave plenty of room for the imagination.

Often times when I send my clients lingerie to purchase to get the look they want, it is a bit out of their comfort zone. What I always tell them is, trust. Trust me when I tell you that you will look amazing in the items I send. Trust me that I will only show off the best parts of you. Trust me that what I am telling you, is how to get the end result you want. And you know what guys, Miss E trusted me and did everything we recommended. I suggested one sultry AF bodysuit ( I sent her links to choose from), a pair of Calvin Kleins, and a simple bra and pantie set. She also wanted minimal makeup and Megan got her perfect!

Miss E also got to shoot in the Colorado Boudoir Studio with the new upgrades. I painted one of our walls dark, added a Flower Wall (yes you heard that right!), and a fireplace! Want to book your Denver Boudoir Photography or Colorado Springs Boudoir Photography? Sending me a message is the first step!



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