April 4, 2022

Miss S | Denver Boudoir Session

Miss S became interested in booking a Denver Boudoir Session, after seeing all the beautiful Melissa Brielle Babes of all shapes, sizes, and colors rocking it during their boudoir shoots. She wanted to feel that same confidence! Miss S knew a boudoir session would be a way for her to have photos to look back on for a reminder of how strong, feminine and beautiful she is! 

Denver Boudoir Session

Before Miss S’ session we worked together to find sexy red and black lingerie pieces that she would feel comfortable in and would bring the vision of her boudoir session to life! On the day of her session, Jessica Faye Beauty completed Miss S’ look with stunning hair and makeup featuring a bold red lip! 

Denver Boudoir Photoraphy 

Here’s What Miss S had to say about her boudoir experience!

What would you tell someone who is self-conscious or nervous about booking a boudoir session? 

“DO THE SHOOT! Often the women we see in these photos have the SAME insecurities that we may have. It doesn’t matter if you have stretch marks, scarring, or don’t feel “skinny enough”. Those are features that make each one of us UNIQUE. Every portion of our body, even the parts we may not like, can tell a story of a struggle we may be going through or something we overcame.

How did you feel after your boudoir session?

“Leaving the studio I felt empowered, but nervous. I was thinking, “Did the photos come out okay? Was my posing decent?” All these fears went away once I received my photos. It was a healing moment to know I not only did these photos for my significant other,  but I did it to empower myself and my beauty.”

Denver Boudoir Photographer

What would you say about the value your investment has given you?

“I learned to see myself from a new perspective. I also learned to let loose and appreciate the body I have been given!”

Thank you Miss S for being vulnerable and allowing us to share your experience to help inspire and encourage others! A lot of women can relate to the many reasons they hold themselves back from booking a shoot. I’m so glad you took the courageous step and went through with a boudoir session! 

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