March 9, 2022

Colorado Boudoir Session | Miss S

When Miss S booked her Colorado Boudoir Session with me, I was so excited! I’ve photographed Miss S in the past, but not for boudoir. She had been following my boudoir work on Instagram for a while and showed it to a friend. She talked her friend into doing a boudoir shoot with me, and then decided to do one for herself! I’m so thankful she did!

Colorado Boudoir Session

Miss S is a young mom to two kids under 6. After having two babies, Miss S struggled with accepting some changes motherhood brought to her body. Before she booked a boudoir shoot, she wanted to wait until things “looked better”. She thought her pictures wouldn’t turn out well and that she would only see the things she’s self-conscious about on her body.

But her boudoir experience turned those excuses upside down!

Miss S says, “Because of Melissa, the experience of the shoot and my pictures made me feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD. My session made me feel in love with my body just the way it is. It made me think that I don’t have to change a damn thing about myself.”

Colorado Boudoir Photography Black Lingerie

Here’s more of what Miss S had to say about her boudoir session at my Colorado Springs studio:

How was your experience during the boudoir shoot? Tell us all the things!

“I was soooo nervous but Melissa is so good at being naturally friendly and helpful. I loved my hair and makeup artist (Kim Clay Artistry)! Having good conversation during the getting ready process helped ease my nerves a whole lot. Plus she did an amazing job! The atmosphere was great!”

“Thank GOD for Melissa’s guided posing!!!! She even got down on the floor and did poses with me to show me how to do them just right. Being in front of the camera was weird for me, but Melissa made me feel like a bad ass and complimented me the whole time! She helps you not feel awkward and also shows you sometimes just how amazing your pictures are turning out!”

How did your images turn out? How was the ordering experience and your final products?

“Absolutely freaking amazing! I did this for myself mostly due to self-confidence, but I DID end up giving my album as a birthday gift to my boyfriend and he is in LOVE with my pictures. He talks about them all the time and even brings out the album to bring up his favorite pictures.”

Colorado Boudoir Photographer

How did you feel leaving the studio after your fabulous photoshoot, not having seen any of your photos yet?

“I felt CONFIDENT. I felt EMPOWERED. I was so EXCITED! I couldn’t WAIT to see what those pictures looked like! I genuinely felt so happy and could not stop smiling, because I was so damn happy that I finally went through and booked a session with Melissa!”

What would you say about the value of the investment you made in your boudoir session?

“Top tier! This isn’t just pictures to me. This experience felt LIFE-CHANGING. This was a very empowering, very confidence-boosting, unique experience. And to be able to go back and look at the product of this boudoir experience whenever I want is amazing!”

Thank you Miss S for being open and vulnerable by allowing us to share your boudoir session photos and experience to inspire others!

Interested in booking a boudoir session?

Head to my contact form to get in touch and learn all about the Melissa Brielle Boudoir experience in Colorado.

Colorado Boudoir Session

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Colorado Boudoir Session

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