February 16, 2021

Miss M’s Session | The Art of Simplicity | Denver Boudoir Photography

I am told that there are not a lot of people who Specialize in Boudoir Photography in Colorado. I am a Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer, and have a lot of people who are looking for a Denver Boudoir Photographer come to see me. Some even come see me when they are looking for a Wyoming Boudoir Photographer, New Mexico Boudoir Photographer, and Utah Boudoir Photographer. We even have women book their sessions with us while they are on vacation in Colorado from all over the US!


Miss M came and saw me while she was in Colorado, before heading back to her temporary home in New York. I am so happy the timing worked out and we had this opportunity together. She loved the more simple style (as do I!), and I really emphasized on on the “sexy without trying” vibe. Of course as the end of our shoot we had to put on some traditional lingerie too!






colorado springs boudoir

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