January 6, 2021

Can’t put a Price on it |Miss Anonymous | Journey to Self Love

Colorado Boudoir Photographers | A photo experience to heal

I have had some meaningful and deep conversation with Miss Anonymous and it’s one of those moments that hits me in the feels and reminds me why I do what I do. Miss A has been on a journey of healing, some hard, hard healing that takes a LOT of strength and courage. After seeing her sneak peek she sent it to a good friend and they both cried (mind you she has only seen one photo at this point). They cried because for the first time, Miss A was CELEBRATING her physical body and that’s something that in the past was unimaginable. Celebrating it, embracing it, and loving it. She was giving herself the best gift, and that is the beauty of the Boudoir Experience with us.

When we were going through her images and selecting which ones to put into her album, we were looking at one particular image and she was just staring at it in silence. Then she thought about it intently and said “In this image, I look, like, I never thought could look”. There’s my why. We have this fantasy version of ourselves we are constantly shaming over because you think you it’s above you, or isn’t you. And then I have this amazing opportunity to PROVE. YOU.WRONG. You ARE that fantasy version. No photoshop, no filter, just you. You can’t put a price on that.



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