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BS Excuses Not to Do a Colorado Springs Boudoir Session or Denver Boudoir Session I have been doing Colorado Boudoir Photography long enough to have heard EVERY kind of excuse out there NOT to do a Boudoir Session. So many times women are comparing themselves to the women on my website not realizing that they […]

BS Excuses Not to Do a Colorado Springs Boudoir Session or Denver Boudoir Session

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“I’m waiting to book a boudoir session until . . . ” Waiting is one of the most common excuses I hear for not booking a boudoir session. Maybe it’s waiting until you lose a certain amount of weight. Or waiting until you look better here or there. This leads to waiting, and waiting, and […]

Colorado Boudoir Photography

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When I look at photos from Miss A’s Colorado Springs boudoir session I see a woman who is fierce, strong, and sensual. I say this time and time again that boudoir photos are more than sexy poses in lingerie. There’s a feeling of empowerment and confidence a boudoir session can bring forth that women didn’t […]

T-Shirt Boudoir Photos

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If you need encouragement to take action and book a boudoir photography session in Colorado Springs, then Miss L’s story is the inspiration you need! Miss L is the mom of two young boys and works as an oncology nurse. She describes herself as introverted, quiet, and fiercely independent. Miss L wanted to do something […]

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs

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This was Miss K’s second boudoir session with me. As a Colorado Springs Boudoir photographer, having a repeat client always means the world to me. Her first boudoir session was to create a Christmas gift for someone else. This second boudoir session was a gift to herself. This session was inspired by her mix of […]

Black and White Boudoir Photo Colorado Springs

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How to prepare for your Colorado studio boudoir photoshoot. One of the most common questions I am asked is “what do I need to do”. And as simple of a question that is, there is typically a lot of anxiety behind it. You are nervous, you are worried of bringing the wrong items, or this […]

Colorado Boudoir