June 7, 2024

Boudoir Bonus Sets | Colorado Boudoir Photographer

This gorgeous client joined me in the studio and had the most AMAZING upgraded session! Her boudoir session included bonus sets like the shower, bathtub, and storytelling showcase. It was a DREAM. Looking to book a bonus set during your boudoir session?! Now is your chance!! I am currently booking my boudoir minis, and can’t wait to see YOU in the studio!

So, what are the bonus sets that you can upgrade your boudoir session with?! 

My wet sets like the bathtub and shower are SUPER popular! And, for good reason. They are all things HOT & SPICY! They are the perfect way to elevate your boudoir session while keeping the focus all on YOU. That’s what a boudoir session is all about, YOU. The water falls on your body so perfectly, and highlights all your best features! Add in the bubbles for some playful fun, and leave as much or as little to the imagination as you’d like. 

Another highly requested bonus set is the storytelling staircase. The staircase brings alllllll the drama, and I LOVE it. Something so simple as a staircase can really do so much for the overall vibe of the moment. You can emphasize your legs by stretching them on the steps, show off your stunning body by walking up or down the steps, and highlight YOU with those up close and personal shots. 

One of my favorite parts about this session?! This sweet client wore a STUNNING designer bodysuit from the client closet that I LOVE. You’ll never have to stress about finding that perfect lingerie set, I promise I have something for everyone. You WILL find that perfect piece! 

Looking For Your Colorado Boudoir Photographer?!

You deserve to feel beautiful every single day, but especially during your boudoir session. So, if you are looking to uplevel your boudoir experience and add that extra bit of SPICE to your boudoir session, a bonus set is a GREAT way to do just that! Head here to book your mini session, or inquire about a full boudoir session that will leave you feeling on top of the world!

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