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BS Excuses Not to Do a Colorado Springs Boudoir Session or Denver Boudoir Session   I have been doing Colorado Boudoir Photography long enough to have heard EVERY kind of excuse out there NOT to do a Boudoir Session. So many times women are comparing themselves to the women on my website not realizing that […]

BS Excuses Not to Do a Colorado Springs Boudoir Session or Denver Boudoir Session

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Miss K’s Colorado Boudoir Photography session was a dream!  Miss K is no stranger to being in front of the camera!  While in photo school she did a lot of self-portraits, and her final portfolio was on fine art nude studies. When Miss K saw Melissa’s work, she knew she had to experience a shoot […]

Fine Art Boudoir Colorado

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Miss S became interested in booking a Denver Boudoir Session, after seeing all the beautiful Melissa Brielle Babes of all shapes, sizes, and colors rocking it during their boudoir shoots. She wanted to feel that same confidence! Miss S knew a boudoir session would be a way for her to have photos to look back […]

Colorado Springs Boudoir Studio

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If you need encouragement to take action and book a boudoir photography session in Colorado Springs, then Miss L’s story is the inspiration you need! Miss L is the mom of two young boys and works as an oncology nurse. She describes herself as introverted, quiet, and fiercely independent. Miss L wanted to do something […]

Boudoir Photography Colorado Springs

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When Miss S booked her Colorado Boudoir Session with me, I was so excited! I’ve photographed Miss S in the past, but not for boudoir. She had been following my boudoir work on Instagram for a while and showed it to a friend. She talked her friend into doing a boudoir shoot with me, and […]

Colorado Boudoir Session

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I am told that there are not a lot of people who Specialize in Boudoir Photography in Colorado. I am a Colorado Springs Boudoir Photographer, and have a lot of people who are looking for a Denver Boudoir Photographer come to see me. Some even come see me when they are looking for a Wyoming […]

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