September 16, 2022

Top 3 Reasons For A Boudoir Session

Most people assume boudoir photos are mainly taken as a gift to a significant other. However, over the years I’ve found that clients want boudoir photos for a variety of reasons, so today I’m sharing the top 3 reasons for a boudoir session!

Reasons for a Boudoir Session

#1 For yourself. 

Boudoir is a gift to yourself and you don’t need any other reason to book boudoir photos. A quality boudoir experience can create confidence in you that you didn’t even know was possible. It’s a big step on the self-love journey to accepting who you are, your body, and your sexuality. Sometimes it’s just for the hell of it too. You’ve been thinking of doing boudoir photos and finally do it!

#2 You’re going through a life transition. 

A lot of my clients come to me when they’re in a big life transition. Whether you’re getting married, just had a baby, recovering from an eating disorder, celebrating a milestone birthday, or leaving an abusive relationship, you need to make time for you. Boudoir photos are a way to honor yourself and your journey during different seasons of life.

#3 Gift for someone else.  

The most popular reason clients are interested in boudoir is because they want to gift the photos to a significant other. And I love this reason!  Regardless, time after time my clients blow their own minds and leave with a whole new perception of themselves. The beautiful photos and products they have to gift afterwards end up being a bonus! 

Boudoir is so much more than photos. It’s about loving yourself and your body in a world that is telling you that you need to change. But you are always more than enough, just as you are.

Boudoir Photos with Black One Piece

Melissa Brielle Boudoir Experience

For Miss O, she booked a boudoir session for herself.  She was in need of a confidence boost and decided getting way out of her comfort zone with boudoir photos would be worth it. And it was! 

Miss O described it best herself, “I have worked for several years to learn to love myself and my body for what it now is, and have had to relearn as I’ve had kids. I was in a prior car accident which left me with scarring on my abdomen, legs, and low back. I have had two children since which also caused changes in my body. There’s beauty in the scars and the changes. You just have to make an effort to see past the shit society has put in your head and learn to love yourself. Every little imperfect bit.” 

Thank you Miss O for your vulnerability and for allowing your photos to be shared to encourage others to take the next step on their self-love journey!

Colorado Boudoir Photography 

Melissa Brielle is a Colorado boudoir photographer with a full-service boudoir studio in Colorado Springs. Head to the Information page here to learn more details about a boudoir session or take the next step by getting in contact here!

Boudoir session in sweater
Boudoir Photos with sweater
Black Lingerie Boudoir Photos
Boudoir Photos in White Shirt
Boudoir Session with black lingerie
Boudoir Photos with Heels
Boudoir Photos on Bed
Boudoir Photos with Mirror
Boudoir Photos black lingerie
Boudoir Photos in white shirt
Boudoir Photos with mirror
Reasons for a Boudoir Session
Boudoir Session in bed sheets
Reasons for a Boudoir Session
Boudoir Photos
Boudoir Photos
Boudoir Session
Boudoir Photos in White Shirt

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