September 6, 2022

Stop Waiting to Book a Boudoir Session

“I’m waiting to book a boudoir session until . . . ” Waiting is one of the most common excuses I hear for not booking a boudoir session. Maybe it’s waiting until you lose a certain amount of weight. Or waiting until you look better here or there. This leads to waiting, and waiting, and never booking the boudoir session you’re dreaming of. But here’s the thing . . .

You don’t have to wait. 

You don’t have to wait until you feel confident enough. 

You don’t have to wait until you feel sexy enough. 

You already have all you need for a boudoir session.  

You are more than enough as you are right now.

As a boudoir photographer, I want to help you see that. 

One thing that keeps me falling in love with my job as a boudoir photographer is repeatedly seeing the empowerment my clients walk away with. Boudoir gives you an opportunity to see your body in a way you never have before!

Bedroom Boudoir Session

As a top boudoir photographer in Colorado, I’ve worked with clients of every body type imaginable. And with every body type, we’re able to find lingerie options that are flattering and complimentary regardless of shape or size. When it comes to posing and looking the part in boudoir photos, I know how to guide clients into poses that help them look their absolute best!

Everyone is on their own journey with self-love, and booking a boudoir session is a HUGE step on that path. I provide women with the boudoir experience they deserve from start to finish. My clients walk away with confidence at a level they’ve never had before and incredible photos to show off!

So what are you waiting for? Head to the information page here for details about the boudoir experience!

Keep scrolling to enjoy photos from this session with Miss A! Her water boudoir photos are some of my FAVORITES!

Boudoir Session with water

Colorado Boudoir Photography

Melissa Brielle is a full-service boudoir studio located in Colorado Springs. Take the next step to book a boudoir session by getting in touch on the contact page here!

P.S. Boudoir sessions are typically booked out months in advance. This means you will have plenty of time to “prepare” and time to shop for lingerie!

Boudoir Photography
Colorado Boudoir Photography
Black Lingerie Boudoir Photos
Colorado Boudoir Session
Boudoir Photos in Black Lingerie
Bedroom Boudoir Photos
Black Lingerie Photos
Boudoir Photography
Black Dress Lingerie Photos
Colorado Boudoir Session
White Blazer Boudoir Photos
Boudoir Session
Lingerie & Tulle Dress
Couch Boudoir Session
Boudoir Session in Sheets
Black Lingerie Boudoir Photos
Wrapped in Sheets Boudoir Photos
Water Droplets Boudoir Session
Water Boudoir Session
Black and White Boudoir Photos
Colorado Boudoir Photography

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