March 23, 2020

How to prepare for your Boudoir Photoshoot | Denver Boudoir Photography

How to prepare for your Colorado studio boudoir photoshoot.

One of the most common questions I am asked is “what do I need to do”. And as simple of a question that is, there is typically a lot of anxiety behind it. You are nervous, you are worried of bringing the wrong items, or this is just such a big thing for you that “showing up” can’t possibly be the all answer… Don’t worry, rest easy dear I will walk you through this and you will feel so ready you will be racing to my door!


I will say though, I really mean it when I say all you need to do is show up. Schedule the boudoir shoot at my Colorado Studio, tell yourself you are going to do it and guarantee that by setting a date. After that there is no chickening out so be proud of how big of a step you just took! All I need from you, is you. I have the rest covered: I will do the styling for you, I will pick out the outfits for you, we will do your hair and makeup, and I will pose you from your fingers to your toes ( you don’t need any modeling experience, I even set up your facial expressions). Your Colorado boudoir photography sessions couldnt be easier!

There are some steps I recommend however that will help you feel your best and make our job as easy as possible and here they are listed below!

1) Pack and bring everything.

We will already have your shoot styled and shopped for but it is always good to bring all the “maybe”s too. I suggest bringing a plain black bra and panty (high waisted cheeky preferred). I have several items in the client closet we can piece together and accessorize with, and sometimes we just need the plain essentials for that. Also bring any non-lingerie items you might want to use like an oversized sweater, faux fur shawl, ripped jeans, or that plain white tee you sleep in… you’d be surprised by how perfectly you those simple ideas end up being. Some items to not forget would be your heels and jewelry too!

2) Asses your tan lanes ahead of time.

I don’t typically recommend fake tanning unless you have tan lines. I am not able to change your skin tone if your chest is ghostly white and your arms look like you’ve been farming all summer. Evening it out is important so we can blend any harsh lines or drastically different skin colors. IF you choose to spray tan, you need to be 100% confident in it and probably do a test one ahead of time. If you do it the day before for the first time and come in looking like an umpa lumpa we better hope your theme is full of chocolate…

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3) Exfoliate.

Because chapped lips aren’t exactly sexy….

4) Moisturize and hydrate.

Drinking enough water can really make a difference in your skin. Make sure you are hydrating all week and moisturizing at night, including your lips and hands!

5) Groom.

You do not need to come in with a fresh mani and pedi but you will want to make sure your feet are presentable. Use a callus rock before coming in and clip your nails. Your hands are much easier of course and great if your nails are natural, just no chipped paint and we are good.

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6) Tame the forest.

While I do skin retouching one thing that does not get edited is your body hair. If you keep things el-naturale that is great! But if you do want to be groomed up down unda waxing is the best way to not get shave bumps or irritation. Don’t wax the day before your boudoir photography session in case of redness though. Also pay attention to stray hairs in your brows or upper lip hair if you don’t want to see it in photos.

 7) Leave blemishes alone.

It is easy for me to remove a pimple, but not so much red irritated skin and swelling. Don’t worry about any last minute pop ups, makeup will take care of most of it, and I can polish up the rest. This includes any chest or back acne as well (I know I know it’s hard, I have it too!).

8) Stretch.

You will very soon find out that the photoshoot is a little bit of a workout. There is lots of, bending, involved. Especially if you have not so great mobility in your back or shoulders, rolling out in cow/cat positions helps a lot. And, you won’t be sore the next day either if you prepped ahead of time 😉

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9) Eat!

Eat please! You are going to be with me at the studio for a half day, eat breakfast and bring a snack if you get hungry. I ask that you avoid salty foods 3 days before your shoot, and no heavy food or beer the day before. We want you feeling your best, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly want to get naked  after eating an italian buffet for a few days.

10) Pump up!

Wake up that morning with a smile, drink some tea, and have a happy start to your day. Stand in the super woman pose and meditate (it really works!). On the way to see me play your jam in the and sing your little heart out! Good energies!!!

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  1. Katie says:

    These are are great tips, thank you Melissa!